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my composition

hello hello

Hello to all I am Yvette Villalobos this is my blog. Is conformed by all my works of English likes much so that I learned to know me much but all I hope that it likes much and that they know me but. There my favourites meals, my compositions would you will see.
Hello, my name is ivette villalobos, but everybody calls me mami mami
I'm from Maracaibo I am 25 years old and I study social communication
And I study in urbe, I live in haticos maracaibo.
I love music, dancing, going out with my friends and eating with my
I hate violence and injustices my dream is to travel around the world
And get my degree in social communication and to be a good communicator
And mart of all to Lear how to speak English, French and Italian
I would like to work in an important TV and radio station
English is very important to me because it opens sesame to jobs and
Also for my professional growth what is difficult for me is to pronounce
It and I need more practice.

my best friend

Hello this is my friends Pablo Jirado
He is from Maracaibo
He goes to mass media school in urbe
He's 19 years old he like
Dancing and study English and
He hates violence and injustice
He dream is graduate from mass media
He think about English is very
Important and he listen lo music and
Watch T.V in English.


Unit 9 in this unit you can see my favourites meals those that I do not like and those that always like.
White a short paragraph describing your diet
Use these

I love eating pasta, beef, bread, rice, chicken.

Sometimes, eat same broccoli, love broccoli,
Fish, tomatoes, cereal, beans.

Often I eat pasta, wines, coffee, beer, tea, butter

I don't like clam, broccoli, carrots, onion, lemon,
Olives, pepper, why?
I hate it are terrible.
- It hopes you liked my favourite’s meals.

- Unit 10: you would see my favourite’s sports there.

- What sports do you like?
I like aerobics

- What sport do you play?
I only do aerobics

- Who do you play with?
I do my aerobics with my friends.

- When do you play?
I do my aerobics on the weekends

- What do you parents think?
My parent thinks that I should do another sport.

What can do you?
I can do any sport, but don't play too much.
- I hope that it enchants to him like me.

- Unit11: In this unit observed the important date but of Zulia as it is it the Chinitas Fair

La feria de la chinita

In the city of Maracaibo people celebrate a festival called (Feria de la chinita) this celebration it’s done on November and this festival it’s celebrated for 3 days the 17, 18, and 19.

This festival it’s celebrated because people celebrate the miracle of the virgin of the (chiquinquira) that’s the reason why the people celebrate this festival.

Well, in this festival there is a event called (El amanecer gaitero) were a lot of musical groups sing for all night in different places, and also the (corrida de toros) that event is made in (Plaza de toros).

I celebrate this festival with my family because I have 17 years old and I can’t go to the (amanecer gaitero) and that’s the reason why I have a more calmed celebration

Well I think that it’s a great celebration and the people love it so much, that’s the reason why different people come to Maracaibo from different places to celebrate it.
- -
I hope that it finds learned of the traditions of this city.